We welcome school classes and other groups.

The museum can accommodate groups of up to 25 visitors at a time, but special accommodations can be arranged for larger groups. Tours and class visits may be arranged outside of our regular operating hours.

(Suggested donation for school classes is $50 per class.)

To learn more or to book a visit, please contact the museum by phone or by email.


Visit the museum to: 

  • Have a lesson with our schoolmarm in the 1900's classroom
  • Play old-fashioned games
  • Take a geography lesson around Barriefield village
  • Present an authentic one-room school holiday themed play

All activities are curriculum based.


Recent groups of visitors include:

  • Limestone District School Board Students
  • Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic School Board Students
  • Various Private Schools (French and English) Students
  • St. Lawrence College (ESL) Students
  • KEYS LINC (ESL) Students
  • Queen's Faculty of Education Students
  • Children's Summer Camps
  • Residents of Retirement Homes and Long-term care Homes
  • Walking Groups
  • Art Groups
  • Seniors' Groups


What to expect when your group visits the museum:

Upon arrival, visitors and students are brought into our classroom to experience a 40 minute 'in-character' lesson with a schoolmistress or a schoolmaster. We provide pinafores and vests for students to wear if they wish. Once the lesson is complete, students will be 'dismissed' into the gallery where the extended programming occurs.


Extended Program Options:


    Card Making
    Bookmark Making
    Straight Pen Writing

Indoor Games

    Cat's Cradle
    Tiddledy Winks
    Pick Up Sticks

Outdoor Games

    Drop the Hankie
    Kick the Can
    Hop Scotch
    London Bridge

Artefact Find

    A to Z Worksheet
    What Am I Worksheet
    Guess The Artefact Station

The Arts

    Still Life Drawing
    Art Appreciation
    Poetry Reading/Dramatization
    Pen Drawing
    Singing/Choral Work


"Tea Time"- Afternoon Tea for older groups         (must be pre-arranged)


 Pre-Visit Activities:

  • Then and Now
  • School Events (Empire Day, School Fairs, Remembrance Day, Christmas Concert) Discussions
  • A brief prep for students to let them know what to expect

Post-Visit Activities

  • Letter to the School Marm
  • A-Z Artefact Class Book
  • Then and Now


Beyond Classrooms

Beyond Classrooms Kingston is a program that moves teachers and their classrooms into community museums, art galleries and community sites for an entire week. The site becomes an extension of the teacher's classroom where he or she can bring students to enhance their learning skills in critical thinking and problem solving while focusing on a subject or theme.

The Frontenac County Schools Museum will continue to host classes with their teachers in the 2017-2018 school year.

More information is available at the Beyond Classrooms website.

Read about the November 2016 Beyond Classrooms program at the museum in this article in The Kingston Whig Standard.