Can't make it to the museum but want to take a trip back in time?

Most families in the 1800's could not afford to buy toys, so materials for toys and games had to be inexpensive and easy to make. 


Crafty Saturdays

Visit our YouTube channel to see our collection of crafty videos or click on the individual craft links below.

July 4 - Our first craft is paper dolls. Watch the video showing how to make paper dolls. The template is in the video description.

July 11 - How to press flowers and create crafts with them. Check out the pressed flowers video for the instructions.

July 18 - Learn about thaumatropes, a popular Victorian craft. This video will teach you more about thaumatropes and how to make them.

July 25 - Paper Weaving is a fun and historic craft. Learn more about paper weaving in this video. 

August 1 - Folded picture frames - The simple folding techniques used to make a decorative picture frame are shown in this video.



Download the following activity pages (pdf format) so you can do some nineteenth century learning at home! 

Make a Whirligig (2 variations)  Whirligigs instructions

Paper Weaving Craft  paper weaving instructions


Curriculum Linked Resources:

Science:   grade 1 and grade 4 (includes shadow puppets)   Open the Science projects

Visual Arts:   grades K-8  (paper cutting)   Open the Visual Arts projects

Literacy:   grades K-8   (word games)   Open the Literacy games